mindfulness training

Learn how to incorporate Mindfulness practices into your daily life for optimal well-being in mind,

body, and spirit. Receive personalized training and coaching to build your personal mindfulness practice. Develop skills to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily life.


  • Work                            

  • Relationship issues                        

  • Anxiety, negative mood

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Body weight issues


  • Enhanced well being

  • Strengthen immunity & energy

  • Improve attention & focus

  • Enhance positive emotions

  • Improve your communication

  • Learn self-compassion & kindness practices

  • Live more authentically

In Person  •  By Phone  •  Via Skype

•  One-on-One Mindfulness Training

•  Personalized Stress Reduction Programs
•  Audio Guided Meditations
•  Lifestyle Coaching



In Office Visits: 

Mindfulness + Breathwork

2 Hours - $150.00


The Deep Dive:  Experience 30 minutes of mindful meditation + self-compassion + breath work.  This session is designed to help you connect deeply, to your truth with compassion.

Scholarships and pro bono mindfulness sessions and programs are available through

The Listen Deeply Project. Email or call for details.

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